Neon Bot Battle is a simple RTS combat game. Control your units and defeat your opponent to complete each stage.


  • 3 Unit Types
  • 3 Tutorial Stages
  • 4 Challenge Stages

Basic Controls:

  • Left Click: Select Units
  • Right Click: Send Command
  • Use Hotkeys to switch commands:
    • "M": Move (Default)
    • "A": Attack
    • "S": Stop
    • "L": Load (Transport only)
    • "U": Unload (Transport only)
  • Use Keys 1-8 to select a control group
    • Use Shift + # to add selected units to control group #
  • Move the Camera by moving your cursor to the edge of the screen
    • Jump to a location on the MiniMap with a Left Click

Unit Types:

  • Tank: Strong Ground Unit
  • Striker: Fast Air Unit
  • Carrier: Transport Unit


  • Created by: Harrison Thompson
  • Made With:
    • Unity
    • Top Down Engine (Unity Asset)
    • RTS Prototype Art (Unity Asset)
    • Visual Studio (Scripting)
    • Blender (Modeling)


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